Meet the 2021-2022 E-Board for Rutgers IEEE

Picture of Justine Catli Picture of Rakesh Warrier Picture of Shivangi Rohilla

Justine Catli

Rakesh Warrier

Shivangi Rohilla

Internal Vice President
External Vice President
Picture of Harini Senthilkumar Picture of Devin Ling Picture of Saurabh Bansal

Harini Senthilkumar

Devin Ling

Saurabh Bansal

Engineering Governing Council Representative
Picture of Hima Nukala Picture of Jonathan Ackerman Picture of Daniel Jin

Hima Nukala

Jonathan Ackerman

Daniel Jin

Picture of Saurabh Bansal Picture of Girish Ganesan Picture of Tai Wai Hu

Saurabh Bansal

Girish Ganesan

Tai Wai Hu

N2E Division President
N2E Division Vice President
Machine Learning and A.I. Division Co-Lead

Devin Gulati

Machine Learning and A.I. Division Co-Lead
Picture of John Reiner Sloan Picture of Sami Khan

John Reiner Sloan

Sami Khan

Electronics Division President
Electronics Division Vice President
Picture of Agam Modasiya Picture of Jack Lowry Picture of Kaivalya Mishra

Agam Modasiya

Jack Lowry

Kaivalya Mishra

VEXU Division Co-Lead
VEXU Division Co-Lead
Mircomouse Division Lead