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A Message to our Sponsors

Thank you for your support of Rutgers IEEE! As you know, we are a completely student-run organization with four different divisions and over 300 members.

We are heavily involved with the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department and the communities surrounding our area. We participate in demonstrations for incoming high schoolers/freshmen and interact with and assist the graduate ECE program. We also do workshops at the local high schools, where we talk about ECE and share our college experiences in order to motivative students to enter higher education.

At the same time, we pride ourselves on the fact that our members achieve great things both as IEEE and as individuals. Over the past few years, our Robotics Division qualified for VEX Robotics World Championship in 2017; IEEE hosted the first completely student-run VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) for high school students in New Jersey, with the 2018 competition hosting 36 teams; our Micromouse team won 3rd place and Best Design at the 2018-2019 Princeton competition.

We have thus far succeeded, but with more support, we could expand our outreach and increase our effectiveness. This is why we need your help. Rutgers does an amazing job teaching our students, but there is only so much the traditional curriculum can teach without the valuable hands-on experience that your sponsorship could supplement and provide. By supporting Rutgers IEEE, you are helping our members continue the mission to advance and prepare students in engineering to take on the world’s most challenging STEM issues through innovation.

Ultimately, your support will enable the technical and professional development of Rutgers IEEE members and help your company with exposure to the local Rutgers community. Please do not hesitate to email any questions you may have about Rutgers IEEE and furthering our partnership to rutgers [dot] ieee [dot] pratgmail [dot] com or check our website for more information. We hope to see your company logo on our website soon!

Justine Catli
External Vice President
Rutgers IEEE Student Branch

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

  • Tax benefits, as Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey
  • Easy access to our students
  • Additional benefits based on annual contribution amount (see chart below)

Possible Forms of Donation

  • Yearly monetary donations
  • Industry Advisement (If in New Brunswick, NJ area)
  • Donation of Resources
    • Equipment
    • Software
    • Materials

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