Join us for Pizza at our First Meeting of the Semester!

Welcome Back! We have an exciting Spring Semester planned out! So come out to our meeting this Tuesday Jan. 27! We will be discussing our plans and how you can get involved! 

 We will have Pizza! 

Place & Time:

  EE-004 (In the Basement of the EE Building)

  Start Time: 8:05pm

We Look Forward to Seeing you there! 

-Rutgers IEEE E-board

Reply back if you have any questions or concerns!

Python Workshop Week 2

Pygame and Flask Workshop!

Week 2 of the Python Workshop is today @8pm!

Hey fellow IEEE members! Hope your exams went well! We're excited to announce week 2 of the Python Workshop! We'll be continuing Pygame and Flask! It's today @ 8:00pm in EE computer lab (same as last week) !

Raspberry Pi Build Days

Hi everyone,


Our next workshops are going to be about Raspberry Pi, and they'll be taking place on 3/12 and 3/26. Raspberry Pi is a "credit-card-sized, single-board computer" which is intended to teach people the basics of computer science. The Raspberry Pi is a really versatile piece of hardware, and people make all sorts of hacks with it. Here are some examples:
We'll be using two weeks for Raspberry Pi; our first day to work on the projects will be on 3/12, and the second day will be after Spring Break on 3/26. This is so that everyone can get set up and start working on the project during the first day, work with it a little more over Spring Break, and then come back the next week and either finish up or work on something new with the device. The total cost for each of these projects is around $80. Although it might seem a little expensive at first, similar kits that are commercially available are a lot pricier. We don't make any profit off of this either, so you're getting all the parts for your project at a price that's a lot cheaper than if you had got them elsewhere.
Here's what you can select from:
  • Network Camera: You can attach a webcam to your Raspberry Pi and view the video in your web browser. Place the webcam anywhere and make it your own "surveillance system".
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Stream music from your phone to a set of awesome Bluetooth speakers wirelessly.
  • Media Server: Stream your music and videos from media files on your Raspberry Pi. You an also access your files from your phone or computer.

If you are interested in working on anyone of these projects, indicate which project you want to work on in this form  by Tuesday, March 4 at 12:00 PM:

If you miss the 3/4 deadline to select a project, we may put up the form again after the first build day if more people show interest in the projects. If that happens, we'll order more parts over break so that people can work with them once we get back.
NOTE: By filling out the form, you are confirming that you will attend the workshop and pay for the materials that you ordered. If you order materials and then don't come to pick it up, we WILL call you to find out why.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  As for the 3/5 meeting, we'll be hosting Lockheed Martin. We'll send out another email with the details about that event a little later.


IEEE E-Board for 2013 - 2014 Academic Year

For the 2013-2014 academic year, the IEEE E-board will be:

President: Wayne Chang
Internal Vice President: David Patrzeba
Secretary: Krishna Raja
Treasurer: Steve Pak
EGC Representative: Krishna Raja
Professional Activities Chair: Nikhil Shenoy 
Youth Development Chair: Steve Pak

Rutgers IEEE Hosts Line Following Robot Competition

Congratulations to the Line Follower Competition winners, Krishna Raja, Keith Davies, and Nikhil Shenoy. Below is the winning robots.

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